Tips to Make your High School Lock–in a Blast

High School Graduation Party Ideas

The High School Graduation Party is a great time for the students to have fun with their friends. Here are several tips to add fun to this night.

  1. Have Fun Food. Keep it simple and inexpensive with crock pots willed with Sloppy Joe mix. A simple tray of fresh veggies alongside a potato chip buffet is a great basic food offering. If you plan to have delivered pizzas schedule the deliveries for 2 or 3 times throughout the night so it is fresh. Have lots of candy bars and brownies baked by the families. I saw one High school where the parents ordered catered food from many different high end restaurants. This was nice for the parents, but the kids liked the wings, pizza and finger food.
  2. A cool desert idea is a ice cream bar where students can serve themselves with a variety of toppings including marsh mellows, candy, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, crumbled cookies, etc. Be creative. Decorate the bar in a fun way and have the parent running it wear a soda fountain uniform and hat.
  3. Delightful Decorations. Go with the theme and be creative. You can save money as the decorations do not have to be all store bought. Find clever ways to incorporate props brought from home. Large painted banners or paper wall covering can add a lot of decor for a very low cost.
  4. Games and Activities. Bouncing inflatables go over huge. Find a company that is dependable and has people provided to run each game. A professional staff running the games keeps them safer. There are some huge inflatable games that are very unique and challenging for big kids.
  5. Get Entertainment that Rocks! Have a D. J. in the food area and bring in some palm readers or a strolling magician. We have heard many High Schools rave about the Comedy Hypnosis stage show. Many say this is the highlight of the night as it brings the whole group together, makes the students the stars of the show and gets them laughing like crazy. Check video and look for references when hiring an entertainer. Make sure it is hilarious yet non-offensive. There are very good comedians, improvisation troupes and magicians who have appeal to this age group.
  6. Other fun activities. Add more fun to the party with hair stylists, video games such as Guitar Hero, massages, face painters, henna artists, game shows and trivia contests. Some of these activites can be run by parent volunteers. A very popular idea is the old time photo booths.

You will make your party memorable with just a bit of creativity. Kids like it crazy to try out some new things and make this year's High School Graduation Lock-in party the best ever!

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