Thousands each year enjoy Norm’s wild comedy hypnosis show!

You have a blast and your friends will too. Watch your friends be hypnotized and become the stars of the show.
Norm has entertained audiences across America with Comedy & Hypnosis for 15 years. He is experience and professional.

Definitions of hypnosis:

“Hypnosis is a transitory state of alter attention; a state that can be brought about by another person and in which varied phenomena can appear spontaneously or in response to oral or other stimuli.”  - British Medical Association

“Hypnosis is a way to change your mind the way you want to change it.” – Ormond McGill

“Hypnosis bypasses critical mind and establishes selective thinking.” Dave Elman

“Belief + Expectation = Hypnosis”  - A.M. Krasner, Ph.D.

“Hypnosis is nothing but an aspect of conditioning.” - Satter

“Hypnosis is a particular altered state of selective hypersuggestibility brought about in an individual by the use of a combination of relaxation, fixation of attention and suggestion.”  - Masud Ansari, M.D.

“Hypnosis is a state of intensified attention and receptiveness to an idea or to a set of ideas.”  Milton Erickson, M.D.


In the past hypnosis was used to help with surgery before chloroform was discovered. During time of WWI through WWII hypnosis was found by doctors to be useful and was used in private practice. Hypnosis was accepted as a tool by the British Medical Association in 1956 and then in 1958 it was accepted by the American Medical Association.

Hypnotism was added as entertainment to magic shows in the 19th Century.   It is a fun and playful way to demonstration of the power of the mind.  Basically it is the focusing of the mind onto one idea and this allows a person to concentrate in a powerful way.

You want a Hypnosis Stage Show that Delivers the following:

Skilled – Hundreds of successful shows with happy committees who booked him.

Trained – Norm Studied with Ormond McGill the Dean of American Stage Hypnotism and Author of the biggest and most trusted book on stage Hypnosis. The Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnosis.
Norm also trained with Jerry Valley the formost trainer in the U.S. in the past 2 decades as well as with Serena Lumiere, Chuck Mignosa, and Tommy Valley. He also had two personal mentors to help coach his early work.

Certified – Certified by the National Association of Hypnotists (U.S.)

Experienced – Each year Norm entertains many audiences giving him the hypnotic skills that come from a wide variety of situations. He can work in many conditions from outdoors to banquet halls to corporate meeting rooms.

Comedy Skills – Norm traveled as a Comic entertainer and comedy writer for many years and this experience has given him the comic timing skills that no textbook or class can deliver. He is sharp minded and quick thinking and able to bring the maximum humor out of each situation. A hypnosis show is a little like a comedy improvisation show, and Norm has studied Comic Improvisation for over 10 years. This skill alone puts him in a different class. He can draw the comedy out of each situation to make your show the best it can be. 

Respect for Volunteers – There are a number of styles of hypnotists from blue, to rude or even raunchy. Norm delivers a clean comedy show that proves that you don’t have to be filthy to be funny! 

Insured – Norm has a special liability policy, but has never had to use it.

Safety – Norm’s first concern is safety for your guests.  From the setting of the stage to the performance, Norm keeps a sharp eye for the little things that could prove dangerous and skillfully avoids them.

References – Check them out!

Glowing Testimonials  - Check them out!  Norm loves to make people laugh and have a good time and that is how he has been able to make his living from entertaining for so many years.

Clean Humor – Nothing mean or disrespectfull in Norm’s show.

Adaptability – Norm is skilled at adapting to the situation or surrounding atmosphere of the show. His years of experience have also helped him easily adapt his show to the type of audience. College, High School lock-in, Corporate luncheon or evening banquet, country club or casino – he has already done it and can expertly tailor his show to your group. He has even had five-hundred Red Hat Society Ladies laughing the roof of at a Casino Banquet Hall. He has had audiences convulse in laughter at Cragun’s Resort and other retreat centers. You can kick back and relax, knowing your event is in Norm’s hands.

It is Fun! – People enjoy being hypnotized and it brings out their creative spirit and inner strength.

Hypnosis does not cause things to happen in people, it allows people to be free and use their inner creative gifts.  They creatively find solutions to the situations they see themselves in.  It is fun and playful. It is very fun to watch.   

Talent Agents know High Quality Entertainment!

Norm has entertained many corporate, festival and school audiences for several high profile Entertainment Agencies such as G.L.Berg, The Tyson Agency, Brian Carlson Talent Agency, March Entertainment Productions, The WOW Agency. 
In the 1980’s he also toured nationally with his comedy act for Talent Agencies including; Antrim Bureau of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Coronado Agency in Corpus Christi, Texas, and National School Assemblies of Hollywood, California.  He was invited back again and again because of the high reviews and audience acclaim. 

When agents need dependable, quality entertainment they count on Norm.

If its laughter you’re after … you need Norm!