Norm's Hypnotism Stage Show - Make Your Graduation / Lock-In Party Amazingly Fun and Unforgettable!

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Comic Hypnotist Norm Knight brings Wild Comedy Hypnosis to your Post Prom or Post Graduation Party! It's a Laugh-filled, Dynamic Stage Show that will delight your students!! Norm has presented shows in Minneapolis, St. Paul and across Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Your group will love Norm's comic entertainment.

It's hillarious & clean comedy for high schools that gets rave reviews from studients and parents across Minnesota

Your Post Prom & Graduation Party Expert! Call for a free 15 minute consultation on how to make your party the most memorable!

The Minnesota students enjoying Comedy Hypnotism

Norm Knight Entertainment
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What they say:

"What an amazing show! The kids had a great time"

The USC Post Prom Chair - United South Central H.S. Wells, MN

"We had a great time! The students were still talking & laughing about the show at open houses all month!"

Connie Peterson - Chair of Finale Committee, Spring Lake Park, MN H.S. - All Night Party

"Show was fantastic! Had 700 kids engagerd for an hour. I would greatly recommend it"

- John Bezek, Principal, Tartan H.S Oakdale

"Norm did a fabulous job. ... very entertaining."

Lora O'Hern - Chairperson North Branch, MN H.S. Post Grad. Party

"Norm did a great job at entertaining at our Senior Class Party. Lots of laughs. He was the hit of the party."

Mary Cody - Entertainment Chair, Mound - Westonka High School


"I had tears running down my face, I was laughing so hard. The students thought it was a great show."

Brenda Huebner - Chair - Prescott, WI - Post Grad Party.

"Norm's show was excellent! both kids & parents enjoyed it! He will be back at Ellsworth"

Raynee Farell - Chairperson - Elsworth, WI

"Absolutely fascinating and funny! The hit of the Lock In Night!"

Pat Kennedy, Entertainment Chair, Prior Lake H. S. Graduation Party

"I had tears running down my face, I was laughing so hard. The students thought it was a great show."

Brenda Huebner - Chair - Prescott, WI - Post Grad Party.

"It was an abesolute blast watching Norm hypnotise the students! He made our event one to remember!"

Oscar - Osceola Student Council and Representatives - Osceola, WI

"Norm's show was great! There were many roars of laughter and gasps of surprise. We would highly recommend him for any Post Prom Party. Very professional and well done."

Marlene Beer, Entertainment Chair, LeCenter, MN Post Prom

"Norm did a truly amazing show at our After-prom party for high school students. His material was school appropriate and the kids had a great time." –Eileen Rothmeier - MS/HS Secretary, Cedar Mountian MN

"Awesome response to funny skits!" –Barb Harbrehder - PE Teacher, Tartan H.S Oakdale

"Hypnotist was very good. Great voice; steady flow of words keeping kids participating & relaxed. Fun ideas, energetic. Good audience participation. Never made anyone feel uncomfortable. show was enjoyed by all." Jill Betz - co-chair of senior all night party, East Ridge High School MN

Tips to Make your High School Lock–in a Blast

"We appreciated Norm's show! He kept our crowd rolling. Many thanks!"

Dave Sonsalla - Glencoe H.S. Post Prom Committee

"Great show - All Class!"

Dick Tronstad - Parent Volunteer, Prior Lake H.S. Graduation Party

"Norm's show was awesome - the grads laughed the whole night!"
Brenda Steve - Principal - Sartell St. Stephen H.S

"Norm had all of our students thoroughly entranced and totally entertained. Our entire student body enjoyed it!"

Timothy Todd Anderson - Teacher, West Marshall H.S. Iowa

"Norm did a truly amazing show at our after-prom party. His material was school approppriate and the kids had a great time."

Eileen Rothmeier - High School Secretary Cedar Mountain High School, MN

"I would highly recommend Norm Knight. He did a wonderful job entertaining our students! Very entertaining!"

Kelly B. Entertainment Chair - New Richmond High School, WI


"Norm's show was very entertaining and he involved all the kids."

Randy Hellerman - Entertainment Chair, State Center, Iowa H.S. Post Prom

"The show was really cool."

John Ellingsworth - Student, St. Louis Park H.S.

"Norm's show ROCKED!"
Adam Vrede – School Resource Officer - Sartell High School

"Norm's show was so exciting! In previous years we've had other hypnotists, but Norm's persona and interactive skills far outweighed the others. A real pleasure to watch. Thanks for making our Senior All Night Party a success."

Gail G. Obbarius - Co-Chair, St. Louis Park H.S. Graduation Party

"Phenomenal Entertainment, Great group building"

G. Hilderbrandt - Spanish teacher, Tartan H.S Oakdale

"The show was incredible! The kids were mesmerized the entire time. They couldn't get enough."

P. Amstrup - Entertainment Chair – Orono High School Graduation Party

"Great job - A wonderful program. The kids had a great time."
Rick Trim - Post Prom Team; State Center, IA

Norm Knight Entertainment
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